Blue Bloods: Find out which star was reluctant to join the cast

Blue Bloods is a family, both onscreen and off. The main cast of characters are all related, but the actors who play them have grown incredibly close over the years. They support one another, and have made it clear that they want to act together for at least an additional handful of seasons.

With all this in mind, it’s interesting to discover that one of the show’s main stars was reluctant to join. There was hesitancy on their part, as they felt like they might not be the best fit for the role they were offered. Fortunately, they changed their mind, and the rest is history.

Who plays Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods?

The star in question is actually the show’s most vocal supporter: Donnie Wahlberg! The actor had made a name for himself as a supporting player in films like The Sixth Sense (1999), Saw II (2005) and Righteous Kill (2008), but he had to decide whether he was ready to take on a leading role in a show that would be seen by millions.

“I think, as an actor, I wouldn’t have been ready 10 years ago to play it”, Wahlberg told The 92nd Street Y. “Maybe even 8 years ago. But when this part came along, I was ready to trust what was on the paper and risk the audience not liking me for the better of the show. And it turns out people understand the character more than I ever knew.”

While acting opposite Tom Selleck would be enough to intimidate most stars, Wahlberg decided to put himself to the test, and it’s a good thing he did because NYPD cop Danny Reagan has become his signature role. He was nominated for Favorite TV Crime Drama Actor at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards, and he credited Blue Bloods with helping land a hosting gig on the show Very Scary People.

“If it weren’t for Blue Bloods, I probably never would’ve done Very Scary People“, he told People Magazine. “I think in some ways Blue Bloods prepared the audience for me to be the host of Very Scary People. Because of the role I play on Blue Bloods, it lent a sort of credibility, I think, to me being the host of this show.”

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