Blue Bloods fans blast CBS drama after Anthony’s resignation

Blue Bloods fans blast CBS drama after Anthony’s resignation


CBS viewers took to social media with fury after Anthony decided to step away from Erin’s campaign.

After a three-week hiatus, Blue Bloods finally returned to CBS with the highly anticipated Collision Course. As viewers watched the Reagan family’s complicated lives unfold, many were shocked to see Anthony Abetemarco (played by Steve Shrippa) and Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) go their separate ways.

Friday’s episode saw Erin take the next steps towards her district attorney hopes by having lunch with Bobbi Gallo (Alison Fraser).

As Erin needed Bobbi’s endorsement, she invited Anthony as her close friend to join them.

Although he initially declined her invitation, Anthony saw her excitement and agreed to join the lunch meeting.

During their conversation, Bobbi made it clear she was tired of backing people who got nowhere once they were in office and confirmed her endorsement would lead to a win.

Despite this Erin was uncertain about announcing her campaign and leaving her day job.

Bobbi then gave Erin an ultimatum, she wanted her to get rid of Anthony in exchange for an endorsement.

The politician then warned Anthony’s family wouldn’t like the attacks coming if he was a part of Erin’s team.

As a result, Anthony decided to transfer to another bureau, but with the threat of the dynamic duo parting ways, fans took to Twitter in an uproar.

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