Blue Bloods’ Donnie Wahlberg shares new filming update as fans question season 13 hiatus

Blue Bloods’ Donnie Wahlberg shares new filming update as fans question season 13 hiatus

Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg updates fans on season 13 filming, but they seemingly want answers when it comes to the show’s return.

Despite season 13 of the hit crime drama Blue Blood being filled with many stops and starts, it still has a very loyal fan base who CBS can always rely on to tune in when the show finally returns from its lengthy hiatus. This week, star Donnie Wahlberg teased fans with some behind-the-scenes footage, prompting fans to inundate them with questions about the show’s future.

CBS is home to Blue Bloods, but like many network giants, it also hosts several other fan-favourite shows and TV events.

As many fans will be aware, Blue Bloods is currently in the midst of a lengthy hiatus as they await the return of the crime drama’s upcoming episode.

The delay is thanks to the NCAA Tournament basketball games, which have shaken up CBS’ usual broadcasting schedule since March 14.

Because of the tournament, fans won’t expect Blue Bloods to return to its normal time slot until the Friday night games of March Madness are over.

Blue Bloods Donnie Wahlberg season 13 update

Ahead of the return next week, Blue Bloods’ Danny Reagan actor took to Instagram to tease fans with some behind-the-scenes footage from season 13 of the crime drama.

As Chamillionaire’s song Ridin’ plays in the background, Walhberg and his co-star Marisa Ramirez, who plays Detective Maria Baez, could be seen filming in a grey car on set.

The cameraman then gets a close-up shot of the pair in the car, as they bop their heads to the popular hip-hop song.

Walberg then hinted he and the cast of Blue Bloods will be “back with another episode soon”.

The caption read: “Another day of making TV Magic, on the set of #BlueBloods, with Reagan & Baez aka Danny and Maria aka #Daez!

“Back with another episode soon! @bluebloods_cbs @marisachicaramirez @cbstv”

Despite the filming update, it appeared fans had more questions than answers when it came to the crime drama’s return.

Fans flooded Wahlberg’s comment section probing him for answers about the upcoming episode.

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