‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Dylan Walsh’s Son Rescues Driver After Car Plunges Into Water

‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Dylan Walsh’s Son Rescues Driver After Car Plunges Into Water

Blue Bloods actor Dylan Walsh is a proud dad this week after his son, chef Thomas Walsh, saved a driver’s life on Wednesday in Baltimore. Thomas snapped into action when a car slid into the water near a seafood restaurant to save the person inside. The driver was experiencing a mental health crisis, police said.

Walsh told TMZ he is “very proud” of his son for saving the driver. Thomas is an Iraq War veteran, and saving someone is “just who he is,” Walsh said. “He would jump out of a window to help somebody,” the actor said.

Thomas was off on Wednesday, but he still went to Phillips Seafood to talk with his boss. The sous chef was on his way out of the restaurant when he saw people gathering by the water, one of his co-workers, Michelle Torres, told the Baltimore Banner. Another co-worker, Jordan Payne, rushed into the restaurant to tell everyone what was happening. When Payne went back outside, she saw the driver was still in the car as it started sinking. “He’s not trying to get out, not making an effort or anything,” Payne recalled.

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Thomas, who declined to do interviews, jumped into the water with his close on. Saving a stranger “was normal to him,” Torres, Phillips’ corporate director of marketing and business development, told the Banner. “I don’t know if a lot of people could say that.” Thomas punched one of the car windows with his bare fist, Payne said.

Another person threw a life ring for Thomas and the driver to grab on. The driver was conscious and appeared unhurt, Payne said. However, Thomas’ hand was “all the way cut up” and his knuckles were “busted,” she said. Both Thomas and the driver were treated at a nearby hospital. Thomas received stitches.

The Baltimore fire department later said emergency crews responded to the scene after 4 p.m. They confirmed a bystander jumped into the water to save the driver and two people were hospitalized with minor injuries. Thomas’ co-workers told the Banner they were all proud to work with him.

Walsh is best known for playing Dr. Sean McNamara in FX’s Nip/Tuck. He now stars as Sam Lane in Superman & Lois and has a recurring role as New York City Mayor Peter Chase in CBS’ Blue Bloods. Walsh and his first wife, Melora Walters, are also parents to daughter Joanna Walsh. He shares daughter Stella with his second wife, Joanna Going, and daughter Amelie Belle, with his third wife, Leslie Walsh.


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