An Unlikely Item Will Estes Plans On Stealing Once Blue Bloods Ends

An Unlikely Item Will Estes Plans On Stealing Once Blue Bloods Ends

Actors quite often take home various souvenirs from the sets, after filming of their movies and series is complete.

Sometimes props and costume pieces are gifted to them by producers, and sometimes actors outright steal things which now aren’t likely to be needed for anything anyway.

Bringing up such episodes might make for a fun story to tell on a talk show, and the actor gets a memento to remember the time he or she spent working on the project.

But what Will Estes, who plays the youngest of Reagan siblings, Jamie Reagan, plans to appropriate once the series ends, if it is ever going to?

Blue Bloods is centered on the family of Commissioner Frank Reagan, whose kids all work for various aspects of New York City’s law enforcement. Jamie, in particular, is an NYPD sergeant. And there is a particular costume piece, which is very much crucial for him during the usual action-heavy routine of a street cop in a police procedural.

So, when The Nerds of Color asked him what would he like to take from the set of Blue Bloods once the show ends, he answered with: “Yeah, Jamie’s pants all fit me like a glove.”

Well, honestly, if the pants were designed specifically to fit him, so that he would not have difficulties during scenes like foot chases, it makes sense that he would not like to part with them.

An Unlikely Item Will Estes Plans On Stealing Once Blue Bloods Ends

In any case, for now there is no ending for Blue Bloods on the horizon. While as of the date of this article Blue Bloods has not been cancelled or renewed for a fourteenth season, writing of Season 13 does not indicates that the showrunners intend to drop the finale on us this spring.

There are certain signs, showing that the series might be in trouble (as we’ve reported before), but insofar as we can tell, CBS still wants Blue Bloods to be on their schedule this fall, and their ongoing negotiations with the production team are almost certainly related to technical details, like their alleged desire to trim down the size of the cast for budgetary reasons (hey, filming a series in New York is not cheap).

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