8 Things Blue Bloods Needs to Address in Season 14

The Blue Bloods series has been around for over a dozen years, and it has a large fan base of people who stuck with it all this time.

Right now, everyone’s waiting for the official announcement of Blue Bloods season 14 — and while that’s cooking, the fans are discussing what they’d like the show to address or change in the new season.

Here are the top fan inquiries.

End the Erin vs. Eddie argument

People are tired of this very repetitive scenario: they argue, then Eddie comes crawling back to Erin. While it suits their characters well, it got way too old.

Put Erin and Jack together

Another thing that’s been dragged on for too long is Erin and Jack’s relationship. This soft launch needs some closure already: the show needs to either put them together or end this plotline completely, fans demand.

More Jamie action

Since Jamie joined the intelligence, the series has been seriously lacking him. Fans demand more Jamie action — for instance, make him go undercover like in season 2.

Show Joe the individual

Whenever it comes to Joe, he’s always there with his family. Other characters have episodes where they work on their cases alone — make a standalone for Joe, too!

Make Eddie a detective

She’s the only beat cop left, and she definitely deserved a promotion. So get yourselves some new beat cops and make Eddie a detective finally!

Have Erin become a DA

Half the episodes in season 13 were dedicated to Erin running for DA. At this point, this storyline is just boring: let her win the election, and let’s move on already.

More Eddie and Jamie

Let’s face it: everyone loves these guys. Fans want to see more of them, whether it’s working together on cases or just being cute together. Some even demand they start a family in season 14!

Separate work from family

As much as they are intertwined, it feels like all the characters need to work separately more. Everything is both personal and work now — this has to change so the constant tension calms down, according to fans.

Of course, not everyone agrees on these things. For example, some people want Erin to lose the election instead of winning it; others are really tired of Eddie; and while some want to see more cases, others ask for more family scenes. But what we all need is the official season 14 announcement, which is yet to come.

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