Chicago Fire Is Giving Fans False Hope For Brett & Casey In Season 12

Chicago Fire Is Giving Fans False Hope For Brett & Casey In Season 12

Matt Casey proposed to Sylvie Brett during the Chicago Fire season 11 finale, but is there any hope that their relationship will work in season 12?

Chicago Fire season 11 ended on many cliffhangers, and one of them teased the promise of Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett rekindling their relationship. As viewers may recall, Casey left Chicago in season 10 to move to Oregon to care for Andy Darden’s sons. Since then, he has returned to the show a few times — once to attend Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd’s wedding and a couple more times to work on a Department of Homeland Security task force. Every time, there has been tension between Casey and Brett.

Brett broke up with Casey at the beginning of season 11 because she couldn’t handle having a long-distance relationship. No one could blame her, and many saw their breakup coming from a mile away, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t heartbreaking. Brett then started dating Dylan, even though the pair had no chemistry together. However, everything changed when Casey temporarily returned to Chicago. Casey helped Brett adopt a baby she saved, and Dylan broke up with her. At the end of the season 11 finale, Casey showed up at Brett’s door, got on one knee, and proposed. Unfortunately, this Chicago Fire romance likely won’t end in marriage – for now, at least.

Brett Likely Won’t Accept Casey’s Proposal In Chicago Fire Season 12

Chicago Fire spoilers: Did Brett say yes to Casey's proposal?

After Gabriela Dawson left Chicago Fire, it felt like all hope was gone for the lieutenant in the love department — until Brett and Casey started catching feelings for one another. It took a while, but they eventually started dating, and seemed like a match made in heaven. Sadly, that’s when Casey had to move, and their relationship ended. Now, fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to learn Brett’s answer to Casey’s proposal, but it probably won’t be what they hope to hear.

The only way that Brett says yes to Casey is if he immediately returns to Chicago. Neither NBC nor Jesse Spencer, who plays Casey, have announced that the actor is returning to the series when season 12 premieres. Plus, Casey still has a year left in Oregon before both Darden boys are in college. So a move back to the Windy City for Casey in season 12 is unlikely unless the show plans a one-year time jump.

Brett already broke up with Casey because of the distance, and nothing has changed in that department. With this in mind, it seems more likely than not that she will turn down Casey’s proposal, as him asking her to marry him came out of left field, and it ignores all of their previous problems. At the end of the day, if Spencer doesn’t return to the show, Casey and Brett will just be another Chicago Fire relationship to end in heartbreak.

Will Brett & Casey End Up Together?

Even if Brett turns down Casey’s proposal, they could still end up together in Chicago Fire — they just need to live in the same city. Spencer has proved that he’s willing to occasionally pop up in the show, which is a good sign for Casey and Brett. Once Casey has paid his dues in Oregon, he could return to Chicago, which would allow him and Brett can resume their relationship.

Even if Spencer doesn’t want to return to the show full-time, Casey could take a job at another firehouse or a higher-up position at the Chicago Fire Department. That way, he and Brett could get married without requiring his consistent presence within the show itself. Unfortunately, fans will likely have to wait a little longer for Casey and Brett to get back together in Chicago Fire.

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